How to Manage Brand Design During A Merger or Acquisition

Each corporation could face the case of being merged, however there is an important significance which is the “brand design”.At first let us know, what is a “brand design“? The “brand design” is the market practice of creating a design that identifies the product from other different products, in other words it’s the special sign of the product given by a specific corporation or business in general.

Many corporations build their own strategy based on their brand design, so no wonder if you see some of them spend millions to improve it even with small even simple ideas.



Back to our point, in case of merging or acquisition we have a substantial task which is “re-branding”, and when it comes to re-branding we have some considerations before taking any kind of act which are:- Will be there a new name to be agreed on for the product? if a product naming to take place, then we have many techniques (for ex: to be descriptive – new logo design – changing spellings – using real words with a twist – or even making up a new word!)- Will a masterbrand take place occur or each product shall have its very own and unique identity? you might be asking what is a master brand! well, it’s simple… it’s when a corporation chooses a certain name to serve it all product. what’s the point? it creates a strong link between the company’s product and what the name or the brand in general represents.- Will the rebranding transition cause a confusion among customers? even your employees might get confused too! Sometimes the rebranding process should have even a slight tie with the old branding.. it must happen in some cases!- determining the needed budget to successfully complete a smooth transition.

Visual brand

Other than re-branding, you must know that the infant step to the whole process is the “visual brand”, that very first sign a customer see for example in a random ad. You should set some expectations and clearly introduce to the customer the opportunities to come in order to support your long-term strategy. There are some codes you should consider:- Brand positioning; it’s simply where do you stand among the competitors and how the new brand differs from theirs.. obviously you must be unique.- Brand mission; it’s simply the straightforward question (what does the brand stands for? – or in other words what is it all about?) actually it should be short and vital.. remember it’s a way to focus customer’s energy. Brand messaging: recently it’s counted as one of the most substantial values since it’s your visible image to your customer via social media.. see how important! my advice here is to merely get into your customer’s head; do many surveys, track the keywords to attract them, follow the trend -create one if you can!- , also the message must be true, containing some serious value.. you should know the strong points of your product if the most successful salesman is closing a deal for you what value he shall stress on?

If you tend to follow these steps i totally assure you having an effective re-branding strategy, the most important thing is to know your product’s value, even if you can’t find it.. create one!