What are SMM (Social Media Marketing) Panels?

What Is Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing? As indicated by Wikipedia, social media is “an umbrella term that characterizes the different exercises that incorporate innovation, social association, and the development of words, pictures, recordings, and sound.” While that is a significant piece, it doesn’t start to express the progressive changes that social networking and marketing is making.

Social related media has transformed into a cultural marvel that ventures into most social collaborations. Social Websites SSM Panel have developed into an exceptionally unusual association of free sites where individuals share data and thoughts. As indicated by Rupert Murdock, “Now the individuals are in charge.”

How did the BIG business let this occur? Haughtiness, after all the Internet, is just about games and email, would it say it isn’t? Well, there is no returning currently, so how about we discover what social media marketing is and how it is influencing you?

Most importantly, please dispose of the possibility that it, social destinations, are merely going to leave. There are more than 200,000,000 distributed online journals, and 34% of bloggers post sentiments about items and brands. Add to that the way that 78% of customers trust peer suggestions while just 14% trust publicizing, and you have some convincing motivations to comprehend the impact social media on your marketing endeavors.

To add salt to the marketers’ injuries, individuals never again need to endure undesirable requesting. Sales via telephone, garbage email, mail, TV are, for the most part, being blocked or disregarded. Won’t individuals additionally like social media? Contact our digital marketing company and we will help you to rank your website higher with our 2 agents Jasa SEO Semarang & Butuh website.

No, the explanation they won’t square social media is a result of the distinction between social media and paper, T.V., radio, and so forth. The thing that matters is the absence of article control of the substance. Individuals communicate with one another, sharing material as opposed to responding to content given to them. They don’t obstruct the sharing.

Social media marketing is a perspective

Intellectuals state social media marketing is a perspective; that is, marketing with social duty. I trust it’s progressively similar to a gathering, not a stone em sock-em party rather a social mixed drink party. A spot where you may meet new individuals and start discussions, be that as it may, there is no selling. You or they may respond to questions or offer guidance or tales about companions yet no selling. It’s sharing.

That is the reason Network Marketing and Social Media Marketing are on a change course. Social networking media is making another Network Marketing upset. It’s an energizing time for those of us who comprehend the capability of Social Networking. The Baby Boomers have consistently been the innovators, and they will keep on starting specific precedents since they, despite everything, have control of the handbag strings. What’s more, the quickest developing section on Facebook, which has more than 500 Million enlisted clients, are the individuals controlling those satchel strings, 55 – multi-year old females.

Couple the Baby Boomer move to social networking with the way that 96% of age Y, who will before long dwarf the Baby Boomers, as of now have a place within any event one social system, and you have an energizing marketing opportunity.

What do you do? You join with Facebook marketing, Twitter, YouTube, and The Natural Networker to permit me to assist you with incorporating your locally established networking business into the new social media world.

Samir Ayyash, Petra Group and Italian restaurant Pellegrini makes a 100 METRE-long pizza

Samir Ayyash founded Petra Equipment a while ago. With more than 25 years experience in the hospitality, Sam Ayyash decided he wanted to help NSW firefighters during the difficult time end of 2019 / early 2020.


  • An Italian restaurant Pellegrini set the record for the longest pizza in Australia on Sunday with the help of many volunteers including sponsorship, pizza & catering equipment support to produce the 100m pizza on a large pizza stand.
  • It asked for a gold coin for every slice of pizza which went to the NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Cooking the pizza took over five hours and involved more than 50 volunteers

This event took place in Sydney after the devastating fire in Australia.

Acquisition Of Pie Face By United Petroleum

The atmosphere of operating a business is stiff and very competitive such that it needs a lot of strategies and techniques to remain afloat and at the top. The Australia hospitality and hotel industry is quite very tough and as such some are forced to close ,to sale or to go to receivership. Pie Face icon food chain went into administration in 2014 a clear indication that one of Australia’s established and reputable retailer of national snacks was on the waver. For the last three years the owners have been struggling and going through though financial problems due to the debts which runs into millions of dollars.

Receivers Christopher Palmer and Liam Bailey of O ` Brien who were task with running this food chain retail have been trying to sell it from October last. A buyer from a very unlikely industry that is the petroleum sector has been found. On Thursday last week it announced that United Petroleum buys Pie Face at an undisclosed sum of money. United Petroleum is one of the biggest established and reputable Australian petrol and convenience companies. The United Petroleum company is very independent retailer with almost over four hundred other retail petrol stations that are spread in Australia and will be selling the pies in all the retail outlets in the next few weeks.

The deal which is being done and finalized within a short time is a blessing to staff because they will be retain and continue to receive their entitlements. Pie Face CEO Bruce Feodoroff will continue to be one who will oversee the smooth functioning of the retail and this is under the sale agreement. United Petroleum Chief executive Gary Brinkworth also confirmed that all the approximately eighty staff will be in work , then normal functions and the thirty stores will remain up and running. Therefore if your are one of the enthusiastic dire hard fan of these fine pasty pies from Pie Face you can now be able to buy very soon at any of united petroleum retail outlets. Despite Pie Face financial being in a limbo on this year alone it has open three other new outlets on other location meaning they are actually on the road to ensure they recover. It shows its ability to grow and be a standalone business. The company is more likely to invest in a new range of production, renovate and rebrand their display and modify their original pie warmer model & Turbofan oven. United Petroleum realize this opportunity and purchase Pie Face food chain retail company.

United Petroleum acquisition of this icon and famous Australian food chain known for unparalleled pies is part of the united petroleum firm to expand and grow business to other sectors. It has been a long term diversification plan they have been having and rooting for. The marketing manager of United Petroleum company said that they will buy and ensure that Pie Face food chain will continue to operate and run as a standalone business. This acquisition of Pie Face by United petroleum is a blessing in disguise because while clients come to refuel they will be able to buy a piece of a pie , this will definitely attract more clients resulting in more profits. The amount that United Petroleum is purchasing Pie Face at is still a mystery pack. The company will be restructured and they will reach out a new IT company to look after this new scope of work.

How to Manage Brand Design During A Merger or Acquisition

Each corporation could face the case of being merged, however there is an important significance which is the “brand design”.At first let us know, what is a “brand design“? The “brand design” is the market practice of creating a design that identifies the product from other different products, in other words it’s the special sign of the product given by a specific corporation or business in general.

Many corporations build their own strategy based on their brand design, so no wonder if you see some of them spend millions to improve it even with small even simple ideas.



Back to our point, in case of merging or acquisition we have a substantial task which is “re-branding”, and when it comes to re-branding we have some considerations before taking any kind of act which are:- Will be there a new name to be agreed on for the product? if a product naming to take place, then we have many techniques (for ex: to be descriptive – new logo design – changing spellings – using real words with a twist – or even making up a new word!)- Will a masterbrand take place occur or each product shall have its very own and unique identity? you might be asking what is a master brand! well, it’s simple… it’s when a corporation chooses a certain name to serve it all product. what’s the point? it creates a strong link between the company’s product and what the name or the brand in general represents.- Will the rebranding transition cause a confusion among customers? even your employees might get confused too! Sometimes the rebranding process should have even a slight tie with the old branding.. it must happen in some cases!- determining the needed budget to successfully complete a smooth transition.

Visual brand

Other than re-branding, you must know that the infant step to the whole process is the “visual brand”, that very first sign a customer see for example in a random ad. You should set some expectations and clearly introduce to the customer the opportunities to come in order to support your long-term strategy. There are some codes you should consider:- Brand positioning; it’s simply where do you stand among the competitors and how the new brand differs from theirs.. obviously you must be unique.- Brand mission; it’s simply the straightforward question (what does the brand stands for? – or in other words what is it all about?) actually it should be short and vital.. remember it’s a way to focus customer’s energy. Brand messaging: recently it’s counted as one of the most substantial values since it’s your visible image to your customer via social media.. see how important! my advice here is to merely get into your customer’s head; do many surveys, track the keywords to attract them, follow the trend -create one if you can!- , also the message must be true, containing some serious value.. you should know the strong points of your product if the most successful salesman is closing a deal for you what value he shall stress on?

If you tend to follow these steps i totally assure you having an effective re-branding strategy, the most important thing is to know your product’s value, even if you can’t find it.. create one!

International : Chevron Industry Diversification

The American multinational energy production giant Chevron Corporation is ranked 16th on the list of Fortune 500 companies worldwide by Forbes magazine. Headquartered at California, they are engaged in all aspects of the energy and power production. They are the leaders in oil, natural gas, geo thermal industries including hydrocarbon production, exploration, refining, sales, marketing and chemical manufacturing. They also focus on alternate energy sources like solar energy, wind power, bio fuels, fuel cells and hydrogen energy sources. Read more about the latest News & press Releases about Chevron.

Business Diversification of Chevron

Success behind the Chevron business is their business diversification, acquisitions and joint ventures. Apart from the natural energy resources, Chevron invested a huge amount in the research and development of alternate, renewable energy sources. Following are some of their operational areas;

1. Exploration and Production of oil and natural gas
Through innovation and new technologies Chevron is engaged in exploring oil and natural gas resources in US, Mexico, Australia and Africa. With latest heavy oil technologies they aim to recover billions of barrels of oil already discovered and still exploring for more resources. With their unbeatable technologies to survive uncertain weather conditions in the sea and underwater pressure, they are still exploring and recovering huge oil deposits deep under the sea.
This oil is refined in Chevron’s plants to produce world class petrol and petroleum products. In 6 continents Chevron is exploring natural gas deposits, which is about 22% of the world’s energy supply.

2. Advanced Solar Technology
Chevron’s solar installation at Questa, New Mexico uses huge lenses to focus sunlight onto three-layer solar cells. Questa facility has generated9.1 million kilowatt hour energy during 2011-2016 period.
Another installation, Project Brightfield at California, has tested and evaluated seven new photovoltaic technologies.Chevron has also invested in five joint-venture solar projects at California, Arizona and Texas, which can generate 73 megawatts of renewable energy.

3. Wind Power
Chevron has setup a Wind Farm at Casper in 2009, which is an 11-turbine farm with a capacity of 16.5 megawatt capacity. This generates sufficient energy to power approximately 4,400 homes. They aim to focus more on wind power in future.

4. Bio Fuels
Bio fuels are mainly used as transportation fuels, which are generated from living organisms. This is renewable energy as the organisms can be regrown. Bio fuels are classified a First, Second and Third generation fuels. First generation fuels are generated from edible items like sugar, starch, plant oils etc. and are used to blend with transportation oils.
Second generation bio fuel is from non-edible plant materials. This is still in research stage to scale up the production at a reasonable expense. Third generation bio fuels from algae, and other biological process is still under research to make it economical.

5. Chemicals and additives
Chevron controls the world’s petrochemical and additive business through Chevron-Philips chemical company LLC which is a 50-50 joint venture of Chevron. The chemicals produced by this company is used to produce more than 70, 000 consumer and industrial products worldwide including food packaging, biodegradable solvents, cleaner fuels and a lot more.
Additives are blended to the bases oil to reduce friction, dissolve deposits, reduce corrosion etc. They also produce performance improvement additives for lubricating oils and fuels.

6. Transportation
Chevron has a shipping company and a pipeline company. These companies guarantee safe and efficient transportation of the energy and fuel around the world.
The company transports crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas and other products through pipeline network and storage facilities. Its vessels also carry crude oil, natural gas and petrochemicals around the world.

7. Chevron Power generation
Chevron Power and Energy Management Company produces electricity from natural gas and renewable energy sources.

8. Chevron Lubricants
Chevron Lubricants is manufacturing lubes seasoned and fuel injector cleaners with premium base oils and coolants sold in motor service center. Their Lubricants vary from motor vehicle to heavy industrial machine lubes and is sold in 5 continents.

Steps how to start a consulting business

Consultants refer to professionals engaged in providing expert advice in particular fields such as law, human resources, accountancy, online marketing, management, plumbing, environment, technology, entertainment, medicine, finance, economics, kitchens renovation, communication, cash for cars, public affairs, engineering, graphic design, waste management, etc. As it is, consultants are independent contractors and not the employees of a hiring organization. They have extensive knowledge as well as experience in the field/s in which they deal. As a consultant, an individual has the option of either working for a consultancy service, or be self-employed. If you want to have your own consultancy business, then you might be interested to know, as to how to start a consulting business.

Step one: review one’s expertise and credentials 

Before starting up a consultancy company, it would be better for a person to review his or her expertise as well as credentials in the industry or subject matter in which he or she wishes to offer services. One must also make a very honest appraisal of his or her reputation within his or her business network along with the industry which he or she works in.

Step Two: Assemble and gather all essentials.

Business essentials like phone, business cards, press kit, transportation and client management software must be put together. A phone for attending and contacting your customers, custom business cards reflecting all necessary business details, a press kit for advertisement, transportation for accessibility, client management software to keep track of client bills, and of course a quiet place for work is all a must for your firm.

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Step Three: Join Trade Organization

You need to join Trade Organizations as well as Community Clubs. Remember we are not taking of any luxury here. This is required to compete with your competitors, a lot of proposals are discussed here.

Step Four: referral list

Next is to be ready with your referral list. People hesitate to work with someone who has no experience. Your previous experience should come handy now. You must mention your job experience or any past work experience as a reference. This will help build more faith in people who come to you.

Step Five: Ask for more references.

If you have served your client well and are sure to have won their confidence, then you might as well ask for more references. This will help you expand further, and you will get more prospects in hand. Be sure to do this as this is one of the best ways to expand and become known. From one client even if you get one more reference, this will add to your database and hence help your business further.

Step Six: Check and start answering ads.

If you excel in something, there are organizations that often need you and are many times listed in the directory or advertising sections of the journals. You must make an effort to call a few and introduce yourself. You need to enquire if they have any concerns in your area of expertise. Don’t be too surprised that may need you too. I am sure we all have experienced this where in we get a call from someone we have been looking for a business purpose.

Step Seven: Being competitive is the key

Don’t give up on your reading and research. Things keep changing, and new ideas are there every time. Keep a check on your prices against others in your area, and very important do not let your clients down under any circumstance. Do not over promise and under deliver. Bad publicity and any one client lost will just shake your business before you even start.

Likewise, when you decide to start your business consulting strategy adventure, make sure that you let your social and business acquaintances know about the new venture. Remember, when you are new in business, you can not afford to give business promotion a miss. Do not neglect your acquaintances. Because, although you might not get a lot of business through them, they can sure refer you to others.

You can also advertise your business, through industry magazines or newspapers. It would also be a good idea to write as well as submit articles in these publications for demonstrating your knowledge regarding the specific field. Also, you can make people aware of your consulting business.

Best wishes from us for your new consulting firm. We wish sky is the limit for you.

Impact Of The New Economy On Career Management

The tenets of job management preparing have been significantly affected and may have to be substantially revised because of the rise of the “New Economy” in the United States. This “New Economy”, obviously, has been a bit violently enforced upon Americans by the method for the United States being part of the “New World Economy”.

How The New Economy Effects Career Management Teaching

Three essential qualities of the new economy consolidate to make arranging and dealing with a word related career an additionally difficult undertaking.

1. Uncertainty

This is questionably the most pervasive impact of this new financial age. It is presented clearly evident those whole enterprises that utilize a huge number of laborers at all word related and occupation levels which we thought were lasting substances, can just vanish. What would you be able to do if your life design depended on seeking after a career in an industry that just stops to exist? Customary career management preparing does not talk about this marvels.

2. Technology Advances

Many children of post war America may review far reaching theoretical discussion amid the 70s about how the innovation of PCs would make individuals lose their employments. The reaction from the “foundation” around then was that these were nonsensical feelings of dread and as a general rule, the development of computerization would make occupations. Everything considered, the two forecasts have progressed toward becoming reality, nonetheless, the quantity of and assortment of employments wiped out by PCs, Advanced Tools and PC related innovation far surpasses new occupations made.

3. Globalization Of Business And Labor

The development of numerous beforehand third world ruined nations around the globe amid the previous four decades has brought about a perpetually developing wellspring of skilled, cheap work to contend with the American work constraint. The aftereffect of this world economy news is a genuine long haul loss of employments in the USA.

Result Of The New Economy On Career Managing Training. The accompanying is a rundown of potential definite negative results of the New Economy with respect to career movement and career management. General decrease in the quantity of individuals utilized in your specific field

Reduction of chance inside your field because of the mass migration of organizations/workers. Reduction of chance inside your company as a result of seaward rivalry. Your business and others in a similar field close since they can never again contend

Adapting Your Profession Management Strategy For The New Economy

Previously, seeking after an employment career included choosing an occupation or calling that you need to work inside finished a drawn out stretch of time amid which you would reliably progress in information, accomplishment, stature, duty, and compensation.

Any systemic changes inside your genuine word related field were typically connected with positive headway, for example, the disclosure of new information; enhanced applications or strategies; expanded efficiency and additionally bring down expenses, and so on.

In the new economy, this already “typical” development inside career fields has turned out to be contorted by the beforehand recorded negative results. The same is valid for your own efficient career movement as you initially envisioned.There have dependably been reasons or uncommon conditions that could emerge and require that an individual seeking after a job in their picked field would need to all of a sudden and out of the blue change careers. Presently, in any case, the gigantic vulnerability created by the new financial substances roll out constrained career improvements more probable than any time in recent memory.

Start Increasing Your Vision

Starting now, begin imagining yourself in interchange careers that may speak to you. Prepare this despite the fact that there are no inevitable issues in your present career.

Look for and identify different ventures, careers, occupations, and so on., that require comparable learning, abilities, training and behavioral capabilities as your existing career. As you reveal potential interchange career ways, join an affiliation or some other kind of system of specialists those fields. Finally, discover selection representatives serving those option fields and build up connections.

Source: Turning Point 04.08.2017, Latin Financial News 04.08.2017

Agreement between Iran and Total for $2Bn

French oil company Total has recently signed a new 20 year investment deal with Iran. This landmark agreement is destined to greatly assist the Arabian country in the development of the gigantic South Pars gas field which it shares with Qatar. Total is scheduled to work hand in hand with Chinese oil firm CNPC and Iranian oil firm Petropars. This new deal follows the French global oil giant’s successful development of phase 2 and phase 3 of South Pars that were completed some time ago in the 2000’s. Total will now run the new project with a stake of 50.1%. While the Chinese CNPC will have a stake of 30% and the Iranian Petropars a stake of 19.9%.

Onshore treatment Facilities

The 1st phase of this new South pars gas field development is slated to cover the construction of 30 wells as well as 2 platforms. All of which will in the long run be linked to the country’s preexisting onshore treatment facilities via 2 pipelines. This initial phase will be completed to the tune of $2 billion, and the whole project will cost approximately $4.8 billion.

The Iranian ministry of energy has stated that the project, upon successful complexion, will enable the country to produce $54 billion in gas products. The gas will begin to flow into the Iranian national market from the year 2021. In essence, the Iranian part of South Pars gas field is destined to boast of a maximum production capacity of 2 billion cubic-feet per day. According to Total, this can be equated to 400,000 barrels of equivalent oil, not excluding condensate.

French commitment in Iran

The French global oil giant’s investment has marked the very first commitment from the west to the Iranian oil and gas industry, since the lifting of international sanctions at the beginning of 2016. The United States along with other global powers decided to ease the sanctions after Iran agreed to roll back its nuclear program.

Just a short while since then, the Arabian country has been able to significantly boost its oil production by more than 33% from 2015, according to reports from OPEC. Iran’s short term objective, at the moment, is to be able to produce a maximum of 4 million barrels of oil on a day to day basis. If this can be achieved, it will effortlessly position the country as one of the biggest and influential global players in this given industry.

The potential of Iran’s oil and natural gas production capacity is widely noted to be very great. The country is believed to accounts for around 9% of the earth’s proven oil reserves, all by itself. While, at the same time, being able to boast of around a fifth or 18% of the world’s total natural gas reserves. These given statistics have been put forward by BP’s statistical review of the planet’s energy.

However, the United States is yet to lift some restrictions, which hinder its own companies from making substantial investment in the Arabian nation. There are as well other firms from other western nations that are still hesitant to do business with Iran. The main reason behind this reluctance is there happen to be some sanctions which are still in place that prevent them from transacting with the Arabian country in US dollars.

By Melanie S. NGM Investment

How much is worth Casamigos?

George Clooney between Tequila and Nespresso Coffee.

Tequila – filled nights with close allies and the hankering to have those tequila shots that are better tasting, the smoothest in the business and whose taste did not necessarily have to heighten the salt or the lime in it was how Casamigos was born. After months of tossing around ideas, then the sample was ready and it was perfect to the founders: George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Michael Meldman. It was initially meant to be just for them and their close friends and relatives but who would have thought this Casamigos, which generally means “house of friends”, would one day have a vision of going global! So in 2013, the celebrity entrepreneurs brought it out to the public officially. There have been celebrities who formerly ventured into the entrepreneurship world as well such as Leonardo DiCaprio among others. Therefore this was not new to the artists in the entertainment industry.

Looking at the tequila today, the founders are proud to claim that it literally sold itself’ for what mattered most to them was that it was good to them and they liked it. The success of the venture was not of much meaning to them as looking at the bottle alone, not much investment was put into making it classy but the contents were what was of the essence to them. Diageo the “giant of spirits” then came across it and from the offer presented; it seems it sees huge potential in Casamigos. Upfront, $700 million in cash was put up and the promise of $300 million later after a decade of watching the performance of this fast growing brand of tequila in the global market. The founders say they never thought this idea would have been a billion dollar one!

At the opening of the transaction, Ivan Menezes the chief executive of Diageo was pleased to announce their venture into the world of tequila. The transaction plan is that it will be neutral of EPS for the first three years of the commencement of the deal after which it will become accretive. The deal is expected to come to an adjournment in the year’s (2017) second half; having funded it through cash and debts that are already in existence. Upon acquiring their commercial license, in 2016 alone, 120 000 cases were sold and a future vision to make this number 170 000 is now more evident than ever, as the brand has shown impressive growth in a very short time despite its uniqueness which is perhaps the most attractive thing about it in comparison to other tequila brands. As of the moment, Casamigos seeks to tap into the markets of the United Kingdom with a long-term goal to thereafter expand into other markets around the globe.

This venture is about to be a successful one being spearheaded by Diageo as statistics based on the industry tracker (International Wines and Spirits Record) show that tequila is rapidly climbing the ladder among the fastest – growing spirits in the world as of this given moment. This comparison was made to the broader spirits industry growing with 0.04% whereas tequila had a growth percentage of 5.3% and this was only last year (2016). Talk about a fast-growing super-premium tequila! Casamigos, therefore, has a future in Diageo. Deidre Mahlan, the president of Diageo in North America also explained his joy in partnering with this great team and expressed positive thoughts foreseen in the future of Casamigos. At the side of Tequila Don Julio, Casamigos is expected to play an interdependent role. Tastemakers, tequila experts as well as some of the most influencers in the United States have continued to give their accolades to the brand over the years, let alone the numerous awards it has already received.

The most heart-warming part of this whole transaction is the fact that the founders were very more than willing to expand their little house of friends; more so, on an international basis. Even as they seal this deal, they still want to be part and parcel to watch their “baby” grow. They want to continue in the promotion of their brand and vision. This organic approach was what was used to expand out Casamigos. The vision of this partnership intertwined with the successes we have seen Diageo put forth such as Guinness beer has the world on its toes to await to see what next for Casamigos!

Different ways to finance your restaurant

With over 945,000 restaurant locations in the United States (70 percent of which are independent restaurants) the restaurant industry is a booming part of the private sector. Restaurants in the United States employ over 13 million people, and annual restaurant sales total $558 billion. This is a significant amount of money, but restaurant owners are aware that it takes lots of funds and financing to produce a profit.

Finance & Lease example:

For $10,000 worth of restaurant equipment you only pay $89 per week – that’s only $62 per week (after your Tax benefits!) That’s not much to pay to get what you want to run your business, especially when there’s nothing to pay upfront. In fact you only start paying one week after (not before) your items are dispatched.

With RentLite-Fast and Easy Finance you can apply in store (or over-the-phone) in just a few minutes. Let’s keep it simple…have your ABN, Driver’s License, and Medicare card handy-that’s all you need to apply. Please note that you may be required to provide additional information as part of your application’s assessment.

RentLite example

• Fast and Easy Finance for all businesses including start-ups, new businesses, as well as businesses without company financials.
• Apply in store (or over-the-phone) in just a few minutes.
• $0 Upfront – No Security Bond, No Deposit, and No Documentation Fees.
• Finance from $500 up to $250,000
• Own your equipment over a one, two, three, or four-year term.
• Affordable weekly repayments that are 100% tax deductible*.
• Include the cost of extended warranties and preventative maintenance.
• RentLite the cost of freight (with the equipment) to anywhere in Australia.
• Additional equipment can be included at any time as your business grows.
• Rent-Then-Own your equipment for $1.00 at the end of term.

Merchant Loan

Just like all other types of merchants, restaurant owners want the best for their businesses, and sometimes this can require money that the restaurant owner does not have on hand.  One of the attributes that make restaurants so unique is their offering of goods, services and sometimes entertainment all under one roof. A restaurant that provides an enticing atmosphere, friendly service, and quality meals is almost guaranteed to bring in customers and make sales. Unfortunately, funding such an affair can be a difficult task.  A merchant loan can supply restaurant owners with the funds they desperately need, but struggle to attain. One type of merchant loan that is especially practical for restaurant owners is a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance can be used in many ways, from helping a struggling restaurant to maintain during a period of slow business, to financing the grand opening of a new location for an already existing restaurant.
Restaurants have daily costs that are typically higher than other types of merchant businesses. And often, a restaurant’s gas water and electricity bills will reflect the inevitable usage of items such as dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and stoves. A merchant cash advance can be used to maintain these payments during times of decreasing sales, helping to keep the restaurant afloat until sales increase.

Also unlike other merchant businesses, restaurants purchase perishable goods. This means, if all of the products that are purchased are not used within a period, they can go bad, causing the restaurant to lose money. A restaurant owner can recover that lost money through a merchant cash advance. There are many other ways to put a merchant cash advance to use as a restaurant owner. It can be used for expansion, to finance promotions, or to purchase inventory such as utensils, dishes, cookware, or even food and drinks. You may want to try offering a new meal; a merchant cash advance can fund the purchase of the additional goods. Are you looking to open a new coffee shop and start the restaurant fitout process?

How does it work?

Merchant cash advances are formulated to work based on a business’ credit card sales. Therefore, if your restaurant accepts credit cards, you are one step closer to being eligible to receive a merchant cash advance. When the merchant cash advance is given, a small percentage of the restaurant’s sales is taken as repayment for the loan. Therefore, the more customers use credit cards, the faster the merchant cash advance is repaid. This is particularly advantageous for restaurant owners as based on a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association in 1999, restaurants with average per-person dinner checks of $25 or more report[ed] credit-card use representing a median of 80 percent of sales, and by 2002 this number had increased. Also as the percentage of people who own credit cards increases so does the usage of credit cards in restaurants. (see more content: Bordeaux wines online, cold room for sale QLD)
A merchant cash advance is easily available, and if you meet a few simple requirements, many lenders are willing to provide a merchant cash advance to finance your restaurant.