Acquisition Of Pie Face By United Petroleum

The atmosphere of operating a business is stiff and very competitive such that it needs a lot of strategies and techniques to remain afloat and at the top. The Australia hospitality and hotel industry is quite very tough and as such some are forced to close ,to sale or to go to receivership. Pie Face icon food chain went into administration in 2014 a clear indication that one of Australia’s established and reputable retailer of national snacks was on the waver. For the last three years the owners have been struggling and going through though financial problems due to the debts which runs into millions of dollars.

Receivers Christopher Palmer and Liam Bailey of O ` Brien who were task with running this food chain retail have been trying to sell it from October last. A buyer from a very unlikely industry that is the petroleum sector has been found. On Thursday last week it announced that United Petroleum buys Pie Face at an undisclosed sum of money. United Petroleum is one of the biggest established and reputable Australian petrol and convenience companies. The United Petroleum company is very independent retailer with almost over four hundred other retail petrol stations that are spread in Australia and will be selling the pies in all the retail outlets in the next few weeks.

The deal which is being done and finalized within a short time is a blessing to staff because they will be retain and continue to receive their entitlements. Pie Face CEO Bruce Feodoroff will continue to be one who will oversee the smooth functioning of the retail and this is under the sale agreement. United Petroleum Chief executive Gary Brinkworth also confirmed that all the approximately eighty staff will be in work , then normal functions and the thirty stores will remain up and running. Therefore if your are one of the enthusiastic dire hard fan of these fine pasty pies from Pie Face you can now be able to buy very soon at any of united petroleum retail outlets. Despite Pie Face financial being in a limbo on this year alone it has open three other new outlets on other location meaning they are actually on the road to ensure they recover. It shows its ability to grow and be a standalone business. The company is more likely to invest in a new range of production, renovate and rebrand their display and modify their original pie warmer model & Turbofan oven. United Petroleum realize this opportunity and purchase Pie Face food chain retail company.

United Petroleum acquisition of this icon and famous Australian food chain known for unparalleled pies is part of the united petroleum firm to expand and grow business to other sectors. It has been a long term diversification plan they have been having and rooting for. The marketing manager of United Petroleum company said that they will buy and ensure that Pie Face food chain will continue to operate and run as a standalone business. This acquisition of Pie Face by United petroleum is a blessing in disguise because while clients come to refuel they will be able to buy a piece of a pie , this will definitely attract more clients resulting in more profits. The amount that United Petroleum is purchasing Pie Face at is still a mystery pack. The company will be restructured and they will reach out a new IT company to look after this new scope of work.